Clinical Support Specialist

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Department Specific Duties and Responsibilities
    • Build SynCardia’s revenues and profitability by implementing effective support programs that are recognized by customers for the significant value they add to patient outcomes and profitable operations. Existing customers expand their use of the TAH-t while they refer new hospitals into the SynCardia Program.
    • Customer Certification: Participate in  the Four-Phase Modular Initial Certification System to ensure that each customer implant center is certified and will consistently produce good patient outcomes. Participate in phases as needed.
    • Customer Support: Implement programs in the field for the business aspects of customer support to ensure that each customer will maximize ROI while expanding the base of patients served with the TAH-t.
    • Clinical Support: Effectively support customer hospitals to consistently achieve a high level of good patient outcomes. 
    • Medical Meetings: Participate in strategic medical meetings to interact with current customers and infect appropriate new customers with the idea virus, as well as maintain the most current knowledge of industry research and discoveries.
    • User Groups and Feedback: Assist in facilitating self-learning interactions among customers to support and improve good patient outcomes and profitable operations. 
  • Position Specific Duties and Responsibilities
    • Responsible for North America region (U.S. and Canada) in alignment with indirect sales reps  to support all aspects of commercial execution.
    • Responsible for implant coverage and account clinical and patient support, including pre-implant analytics, sizing and consultation. 
    • Proactively engage sales team in their Region related to inventory management and coordination of inventory, quotes, selling opportunities and product movement. 
    • Engage with indirect sales reps to coordinate account education, physician training and customer engagement including presentation content, both live and remotely. 
    • Act as liaison with indirect sales reps to support selling efforts, coordinate tools required by sales team and to collaborate with sales team on specific account approaches. 
    • Coordinate quarterly check in calls with the Director of North American Distribution and Clinical Education  to engage and discuss tactics, opportunities and engagement opportunities and facilitate activities with indirect sales reps.
    • Work collaboratively with internal functions to support selling efforts and account service and patient needs.

  • Role Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Respond to requests for information from indirect sales reps, prospects and distributors.
    • Follow up by phone with interested centers.
    • Participate in selected Phase I-IV Certification sessions.
Responsibility and Authority Affecting Quality
  • Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities relating to the product, process and Quality System.
  • Identify and record potential problems relating to the product, process and Quality System.
  • Initiate, recommend or provide solutions through designated channels.
  • Record and/or report all instances of customer feedback on product.
  • Verify the implementation of solutions.

Position Requirements

  • Skills and abilities (required for the job)
    • Travel approximately 75% of the time.
    • Ability to effectively follow systems.
    • Ability to document activities.
    • Team player.
    • Presentation/teaching/coaching skills.
  • Education, experience and training (required for the job)
    • CCP, PA, NP, BSN, CVRT with concentration in transplant surgery and mechanical circulatory support or equivalent combination of education and experience.
    • 7-10 years of medical device management experience; cardiovascular or heart failure experience preferred.
    • Instructional experience.
    • Transplant hospital familiarity.
  • Working environment
    • Work Station Area: Home, hospital sites, medical meetings, and other certification/training venues.
    • Special Factors in the Work Area:  
      • The position requires the ability to organize, change and execute travel in advance for certification and training purposes and quickly and in some cases immediately to support implantations.
      • The position requires considerable sitting, typing and the ability to set-up equipment in excess of 25 pounds at hospital sites, medical meetings and other certification/training venues.
      • The position requires outstanding in-person, telephonic and  email communication skills.
      • The position requires extensive travel. 
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