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Only SynCardia Certified Centers can provide hope—instead of hospice—to the sickest heart failure patients. In order to provide a truly comprehensive transplant and mechanical circulatory support (MCS) program for patients, hospitals must utilize the full spectrum of approved MCS devices available, including the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH).

To become a SynCardia Certified Center, a multidisciplinary team from your hospital will participate in an extensive, cross-functional training program tailored to your hospital’s needs. The certification process will lay the foundation for a super-user level understanding of the SynCardia TAH, as well as focus on the specific skills critical to the role of each team member.

Once your hospital is certified, you will receive 24/7 support from SynCardia clinical specialists. This includes ongoing implant support, staffing MCS education days, and new staff and refresher training as needed.

Hospital Certification Overview

Phase I: Introduction to the TAH

At a SynCardia Training Site, your core TAH team will:

  • Receive hands-on surgical experience during a porcine implant led by an experienced TAH surgeon

  • Participate in interactive sessions and labs

  • Learn best practices for achieving optimal patient outcomes

  • Engage in simulations with the driver systems that power the TAH

Phase II: Implant-Ready

SynCardia clinical specialists will visit your hospital to review concepts from Phase I and expand training to additional team members. In addition, SynCardia will certify certain members of your TAH team as qualified to train other members of your hospital staff. After completion of Phase II, your hospital will be designated as implant-ready.

Phase III: Proctored First Implant

SynCardia will work closely with your program to help you identify a potential candidate for your first TAH implant. Once the patient has been identified, SynCardia will support your team by providing an experienced TAH surgeon to proctor your first implant, a SynCardia clinical specialist and all necessary equipment.

After implantation of the TAH, SynCardia's clinical team will continue to support your hospital in caring for your newly implanted patient. One of our clinical specialists will be available to you at all times via the SynCardia 24-hour hotline to quickly respond to any questions or concerns.

Phase IV: Patient Discharge

SynCardia team members will visit your hospital to help prepare for transferring your first patient to the Freedom® Portable Driver, which allows stable patients to be discharged from the hospital to enjoy life at home with their families.

A SynCardia clinical specialist will train hospital staff on equipment management, driver operation, identifying and responding to alarms and discharge procedures. He or she will also provide you with resources for training the patient and caregivers. The clinical specialist may also remain on-site to support your team when you switch the patient from the Companion 2 (C2) Hospital Driver to the Freedom Driver.

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