50cc Total Artificial Heart

SynCardia 50cc temporary Total Artificial Heart

The SynCardia 50cc temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH) is a smaller version of the SynCardia 70cc TAH, which has been approved as a bridge to transplant for more than a decade. The 50cc TAH is designed for use as a bridge to transplant in patients of smaller stature, allowing more women and adolescents to access this novel technology.

Patient Demographics*
  • 52% female | 48% male

  • 22% pediatric (<18 years old)

  • Age range: 10 to 72 years old

  • Smallest BSA: 1.16m²

*As reported on SynCardia Implant Forms as of March 2020. Not all Implant Forms have complete information.

Regulatory Approvals

Bridge to Transplant

  • FDA: March 2020

  • Health Canada: January 2016

Device Selection Criteria

Patients with adequate T10 measurement* or adequate room in the chest as determined by 3D imaging assessment or by other standard clinical assessments. The 50cc TAH is intended to support patients with a BSA ≤ 1.85m².

*posterior sternum to anterior spine measurement at T10


Meet Jaheim, TAH Recipient


Jaheim, 11, is the youngest and smallest patient to ever receive the 50cc TAH -- read his story here.