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For clinicians, writers, reporters, students and others in need of images for presentations, articles, chapters and projects, the following images are available. Please note these images are in low-resolution for viewing purposes only. Once you know which images you would like to use, please fill out and submit our Image Request Form and we will send you the files you need in high resolution. We try to respond to all image requests within 48 hours.

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Types of Images Requested*
SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH) images

1A. SynCardia 70cc and 50cc TAHs

1B. Woman with SynCardia TAH & Freedom® Portable Driver

1C. Man with SynCardia TAH & Freedom® Portable Driver

1D. SynCardia 70cc TAH

1E. Illustration of SynCardia TAH

1F. Illustration of SynCardia TAH with Callouts

1G. Illustration of SynCardia TAH & Human Heart Side-by-Side

SynCardia Driver Images

2A. Freedom® Portable Driver with SynCardia TAH

2B. Woman holding SynCardia TAH, wearing Freedom® Portable Driver

2C. Companion 2 (C2) Hospital Driver in Hospital Cart

2D. Companion 2 (C2) Hospital Driver in Caddy

Impanting the TAH images*

3A. Failing heart

3B. Failing heart

3C. A look inside the heart

3D. The four valves are removed

3E. The atria, aorta and pulmonary artery remain intact

3F. Quick connects are sewn into the atria, aorta and pulmonary artery

3G. The SynCardia TAH is implanted and attached four quick connects

SynCardia TAH Videos*


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