This University of Oxford Student’s Backpack Doesn’t Carry Books — It Keeps Her Heart Pumping

Last year, Becca received the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart after her heart had to be removed because of a cancerous cardiac tumor.

LONDON, England — Oct. 21, 2018 — When 24-year-old Becca Henderson’s heart began to fail due to a cancerous cardiac tumor, her doctors knew they had to act fast in order to save her life.

The only way to remove the tumor was to also remove her heart and replace it with the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH). Becca has been cancer-free since receiving the SynCardia TAH, and if she remains so until January 2019, she will be added to the heart transplant waiting list.

In the meantime, Becca is resuming her studies at the University of Oxford, but unlike the other students, her backpack won’t be full of books and papers — it will be carrying the driver that keeps her artificial heart pumping. Watch the video below for Becca’s full story.

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