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SynCardia Welcomes Patrick NJ Schnegelsberg as CEO

June 28, 2023

Syncardia Systems, LLC., a Picard Medical Company

We are excited about the announcement that Patrick NJ Schnegelsberg is the new Chief Executive Officer of SynCardia Systems, LLC the parent company of Picard Medical, Inc. A global leader in mechanical heart replacement technology.


We are excited about the announcement that Patrick NJ Schnegelsberg is the new Chief Executive Officer of  SynCardia Systems, LLC the parent company of  Picard Medical, Inc. A global leader in mechanical heart replacement technology. After Picard Medical Holdings’ merger with Altitude Acquisition Corporation, Patrick will assume the Chief Executive Office role of the publicly listed entity.

With over 25 years of executive leadership experience Patrick NJ Schnegelsberg brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the medical device sector. As the Chief Operating Officer with the Occlutech Group, as a former board member of Scandinavian Real Heart, and past C-level positions with European and U.S. medtech and biotech start-ups, including a U.S.-listed biotechnology company, he is well-positioned to lead SynCardia into its next phase of growth and success. Patrick also held Director-level positions with buy- and sell-side firms on Wall Street and worked as management consultant. Patrick has conducted extensive research in molecular biology at MIT and graduated from Harvard Medical School. He currently serves on the board of Acorai AB.

As the new Chief Executive Officer, Patrick will be responsible for driving all aspects of the companystrategy, operations, and market presence. While working closely with the board of directors and the talented team of professionals at SynCardia team to drive continued growth and enhance shareholder value, Patrick will build upon the strong foundation established by Richard Fang, Daniel Teo and the SynCardia team, to further cement SynCardia’s position as a global leader in total artificial hearts.

Here are a few words from Patrick –

“I am honored and excited to join SynCardia as its CEO, to leverage my experience and to closely work with the board and the SynCardia team. SynCardia has established itself as a leader in the total artificial heart space, and I look forward to building on this strong foundation, driving innovation, and creating value for patients, healthcare practitioners’, our employees, and shareholders.

Our mission is to save lives, one heart at a time. To better serve our patients through innovation and quality. To collaborate with our healthcare partners to provide the right patient, with the right device, at the right time. It is our vision, the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart, to become the preferred alternative to heart transplants in the future.

As SynCardia Systems continues to be at the forefront of groundbreaking medical advancements. Our eyes are set on the extraordinary achievements yet to come, but we celebrate the dawning of a new era under the guidance of an exceptional leader as we look forward to the achievements to come.

About SynCardia Systems, LLC

Headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., SynCardia manufactures the world’s only commercially approved total artificial heart. In clinical use for more than 35 years and with more than 1,800 implants, the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH) is the most widely used and extensively studied TAH in the world.

By partnering with, training and supporting healthcare teams at more than 140 transplant hospitals and heart failure programs in more than 20 countries, SynCardia helps create better outcomes for critically ill adults and adolescents whose best chance at survival is total heart replacement. When a donor heart isn’t an available option, SynCardia provides a new heart without the wait for patients with end-stage heart failure affecting both sides of the heart (biventricular failure).