Meet the 11-Year-Old Who Has Had Four Hearts

When 11-year-old Jaheim’s body began to reject his donor heart, his doctors knew their options were limited and they needed to act fast. Watch the video for his full, inspiring story.

Jaheim was born with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, in which the heart has just one working chamber instead of two. He received his first heart transplant in 2012, but four years later, during a routine check-up, his doctors discovered that his body was rejecting his donor heart.

Despite receiving intensive treatment for rejection, several weeks later, Jaheim’s other organs began to fail. To save his life, Jaheim’s doctors implanted the SynCardia 50cc temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH) to bridge him to a second heart transplant. At the time, Jaheim was the youngest and smallest patient ever to receive the 50cc TAH. Since then, 10-year-old Gabriel Gonzalez has become the youngest patient.

Watch the video below for Jaheim’s full, inspiring story.