SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart

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If you or a loved one has end-stage biventricular heart failure, there’s hope. When a donor heart isn’t an available option, the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH) can provide a new heart without the wait.

How Does the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Work?

Just like a human heart, the SynCardia TAH is pulsatile and consists of two ventricles and four valves that pump blood throughout the body. The TAH is made of a special biocompatible plastic, which offers a high degree of fatigue resistance and strength for long-term durability.

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Is the SynCardia TAH Right for Me?

If you or a loved one is suffering from advanced or end-stage heart failure (NYHA Class III or IV) and your doctor has discussed an immediate or eventual need for a heart transplant, the SynCardia TAH may be an option for you and your doctor to consider.

The TAH is currently approved as a bridge to transplant for people who are:

  • Suffering from end-stage, irreversible heart failure affecting both sides of their heart (biventricular failure)
  • Eligible to receive a heart transplant or likely to become eligible

If you have been told you are not eligible to receive a heart transplant because of age or certain medical conditions, the 70cc TAH is undergoing an FDA clinical trial in the U.S. as destination therapy for patients not eligible to receive a heart transplant. Click here to learn more.

There are a number of heart conditions that can contribute to the development of biventricular failure. To see a full list of conditions, click here.

What to Expect

When I woke up from surgery, I felt so good. Ten minutes later, I got up and walked around. My hearing and eyesight were so much better. I could breathe again.

Bob, 50, SynCardia TAH recipient

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Similar to receiving a heart transplant, the TAH replaces both lower chambers of your heart (the left and right ventricles) plus the four heart valves, eliminating the symptoms and source of your heart failure. Many doctors and families have described watching patients and loved ones turn from a sickly grey to a healthier pink as the TAH restores blood flow to their bodies and vital organs.

In order to ensure the best outcomes with the SynCardia TAH, it’s important that patients undergo implant surgery promptly so that prolonged low blood flow doesn’t cause permanent damage to vital organs. The day your failing heart is replaced by the TAH is the day your recovery from heart failure can begin.

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