Patient Story Spotlight: Tom, 49

After receiving the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart, Tom was discharged home using the Freedom® Portable Driver.

Tom was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in December 2013. A year later, a PET scan showed his condition was caused by a rare disease called cardiac sarcoidosis.

In May 2016, Tom received 11 shocks in five minutes from his defibrillator. He was experiencing what is known as a “v-tach storm.” He woke up two days later in the ICU, where doctors told him he wouldn’t survive more than another day unless he received the Total Artificial Heart (TAH).

A week after receiving the TAH, Tom was discharged from the hospital to enjoy life at home while he waited for a matching donor heart. He used the Freedom® Portable Driver, a lighter, smaller pump for the TAH that allows stable patients to leave the hospital.

After 524 days of life with the TAH, he received his heart transplant.

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