Richard Fang

Chief Executive Officer, Picard Medical

Richard Fang, Ph.D. is a founder and managing partner of Hunniwell Lake Ventures – a new fund that was developed by utilizing his experiences to invest in the overlooked segments of the medical device space. Hunniwell Lake Ventures recently acquired SynCardia Systems, and is now part of the Hunniwell Lake Ventures family of companies. In addition to Hunniwell, Richard founded Reach Surgical, a minimally invasive surgical instruments company. Over a 15-year period, he drove the growth of Reach Medical into an industry-leading international brand with presence on six continents, and a revenue of nearly $100 million. During that time, he oversaw the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of three product lines including dozens of product codes. His tenure with Reach Medical culminated in the recent sale of the company to private equity. Richard has over 20 years of professional hands-on experience in the medical device industry, including Johnson & Johnson in the US. He has an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, as well as a Ph.D. in Physics (Medical Imaging) from Purdue University in Indianapolis.