VIDEO: Heart Transplant Recipient Marcus Jones

Watch the inspiring story of heart transplant recipient Marcus Jones.

A devoted father and husband, Marcus Jones never imagined that his heart could threaten to limit his time with loved ones and cut his life short. Yet that’s exactly what happened after Marcus experienced a second aortic aneurysm, and, six months later, was well into biventricular failure.

According to his wife, Cathy, Marcus’s doctors suggested he try a drug that would improve his quality of life but significantly decrease his life expectancy. “It was devastating,” she remembers, to wrestle with the limited and unappealing options they’d been presented with.

However, everything changed when one of Marcus’s surgeons suggested that he may be a strong candidate for the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart. Though typical assistive devices wouldn’t work because of the severity of Marcus’s aortic damage, the TAH had the potential to be a fit — and to radically transform Marcus’s life.

Largely confined to his home, Marcus says he was “just existing” before receiving the SynCardia Freedom Driver. “Looking back on the Artificial Heart, it did everything and then more,” he says. “What a true, true miracle of science.”

After four months on the Freedom Driver, Marcus was able to receive a transplant. Watch his inspiring story here: